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TC is a Next Generation VC Company. We simply understand your business

Welcome to TekCorp

TekCorp (formerly T-Corporation) plays a pivotal role in North America & APAC technology economy with early stage and seed-stage backing & funding to the most innovative minds. We have currently invested in five Companies since we turned ourselves into a Technology Capital Company in 2007.

TekCorp typically invests in "Nine C" Businesses or Consultancies that focus on: Communications, Computing, Convergence, .Com Business, Commerce, CRM/Collaboration, Community Web, Contact Centers and Cloud Computing.

Corporate Services

pictureTekCorp re-writes your Business Plan with the help of seasoned, and industry's most experienced evangelists, and technology gurus. Our Guidance Experts strategize your business drawing from your thoughts and ideas.


TekCorp helps with seed capital from a network of Venture Capital Partners, and manages the funding through our financial services experts. We fully invest into the entrepreneurs' dreams with an easy access to precious capital.


TekCorp has established industry network through its nearly 20 years of Business Operations in Technology, Communications, and Internet. TekCorp Consultants are socially connected to groom the budding entrepreneurs with the right alignment.


TekCorp Members being on the Board of the Startup Companies constantly help the technology, development, and sales/marketing teams to expand into new areas of business, and help the Companies with fast paced growth.

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First Round VC Passion

TekCorp backs and funds extra-ordinary entrepreneurs who setout to change the world with the "most innovative technologies and ideas". At TekCorp, we visualize the success of young entrepreneurs and nurture them to succeed in business ventures.

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Clients saying

"When we started out in January 2008 as a startup, TekCorp Leaders helped us with their seed investment, and new directions to our Business. Today in less than one year, we are doing business with Fortune 500 Clients, and top-notch partners.

- SR, Director, Virtuos

News & Events



Tekcorp transfers key assets to a new Division to act as holding Company for three key businesses:
Technology; EBusiness and Knowledge Capital


TekCorp turns Two years with fIve babies as part of Ricochet 2020, the founders' mission


TekCorp enters "IT Infrastructure As A Service" through TekApp which will setup ITSM & Datacenters in India

Aug 08

TekCorp to encash its Digital Assets and enters the era of Consumerism driven by Socialweb

Jan 08

TekCorp invests in Virtuos Solutions, India taking the business out of Virtuosol Consulting, a div of TekCorp.

July 07

TekCorp becomes Seed Capital Specialist and brings Virtuoso Team on the board.

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