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At TEKCORP™, we are proud of our portfolio companies and the entrepreneurs who envisioned and founded them. Our portfolio companies have young, dynamic and experienced teams, sound value propositions, and unfair advantages that will allow them to win. Consistent with our commitment to building and taking advantage of the resources and opportunities in the fastest growing regions (both US and APAC), the majority of our investments are in India, along with promising opportunities in Silicon Valley.

We believe in the potential of five Business areas: Software, Outsourcing, Internet, Networking & Communications and Electronic Medical/Health Records (EMR). Our investments reflect this conviction starting out with a Company that's specially focused on CRM/Consulting space, and another Company that soon will be launching Infrastructure As A Service (IaaS). Additionally, our geographic and market-based investment focus allows us to leverage our extensive management & operational experience across the portfolio. The end result: Favourable returns to our investors which include our VC Partner network and industry leadership in our region.


Portfolio #1: Virtuos

Virtuos was founded in January 2008 with its registered office at Hyderabad, India.. TekCorp has invested in Virtuos to bolster CRM Consulting Services, and enter into promising OnDemand 2.0 Outsourcing. Virtuos has set itself an ambitious plan to be US$ 25 Million Company by 2011 with 200+ Staff in three Locations namely US, Singapore Region and EU Region besides its presence in India.

TekCorp and the Directors of Virtuos hold 100% of the equity in the Company, and Virtuos is debt free, profit making company.

Future plans of Virtuos are to position itself as the strong player in both ERP and CRM along with the upcoming BPM Practice. In order to become a leader in CRM space, Virtuos will align and establish multiple partnerships with leading names in CRM players gradually.

Portfolio #2: Confidential

TekCorp has invested in a startup that is in the process of launching most innovative B2C Services in India. Catching on the solid mind share of the brand name, TekCorp expects the Portfolio # 2 to be a major player. Expected launch time is Q4/ 2010.

Portfolio #3: Confidential

TekCorp has invested in a new kind of Social Career Site capitalizing on Socialweb in a big way. Expected Launch time is Q3/2011.

Portfolio #4: Confidential

TekCorp has invested in a an Commerce entity that is set to become a major player in this space, and with a catchy name, and most contemporary technology, we expect Portfolio # 4 to become a run away success..


Portfolio #5: TekApp

Drawing a cue from "Infrastructure As A Service" TekApp was formally incorporated in May 2009. Currently the Company is in the process of building the core team to offer "managed professional services" in the area of Security, Storage, Virtualization and Networking.

About TekCorp

TekCorp started as a Technology Company and our core strength remains technology investments into the early stage or start-up stage Companies across US, APAC regions.

TekCorp turned 2 years in August 2009 with investments in three Companies and five key businesses. TekCorp will continue to expand its investment and improve global profile by partnering with Industry's leading VC and Technology groups.

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To enquire more about our criteria for short listing the startup companies or if you are an established Venture Capital Firm or be interested in our services, please write to us. Without prior engagement, Please do not call unless you have the TekCorp Reference on hand.

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